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The training-ground hours also need to be monitored. Analysis Solutions GPS offers an unmatched sampling rate and real-time monitoring coupled with an innovative data visualization software to provide clubs with a comprehensive resource in athlete monitoring.

Live GPS Monitoring & Data Analysis

The  Analysis Solutions GPS uses 50-Hz sampling frequency with live application to provide users with unrivalled accuracy to transform the way teams capture and analyse players’ workload and make decisions in the moment.

Post-session, the most accurate monitoring of player training and fitness levels provides full session reports for every player ready by the time they’ve left the pitch. With 360-degree coverage and a range of up to 200 metres, the Analysis SolutionsGPS system has the flexibility to meet all user configurations


GPS Analysis Solutions

provides the highest resolution system on the market, complete with revolutionary sensor fusion technology. FIFA-certified for in-game use, our system includes a high-end processor for on-board metric calculation and live data transmission to our Analysis Solutions software, which provides reports instantly to eliminate the need for post-session or game downloads.

How the GPS Data Work

Home | Timeline | Settings. With efficiency and mobile in mind, the sidebar controls are headed up by these icons.

*Team Selection

*Duration Filter

*Event Filters

*Time, distance and power in thresholds
*Count of zone entries
*Acceleration and deceleration
*Metabolic power and mechanical power
*Energy expenditure
*Running, explosive and brake symmetry
*Cardiovascular metrics



GPS Performance Coach Series


Improved Live Monitoring with the

          Sonra Live iPad app


Focused individual player view

Individual player view for detailed analysis per player. Metrics are displayed in grouped categories, with 10+ metrics viewable on an individual dashboard.

Detailed session analysis

Create up to 100 drills for real-time monitoring of specified activities and provide accurate session labelling for post-session analysis. Additionally, the benching functionality can add or remove players from activity where appropriate, such as rotations, ensuring live data and reports are focused on active time.


Set multiple thresholds

Set individual or global thresholds for each player and monitor how they perform with threshold scales. Multiple thresholds can exist for each squad or player based on the training day, allowing coaches to set more specific training goals.

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