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ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS is the Best optical tracking technology built off of the latest computer vision advancements and an active learning framework. Leveraging 13 years of player-tracking expertise ,AS delivers performance statistics by extracting coordinates of players and the ball with statistical algorithms to provide greater match insights and generate the data behind the latest AI analysis software.

Tracking Data for Football Coaches and Analysts

4K resolution cameras leverage high-quality imaging in complex situations to provide accurate data and power tactical and physical insights to fulfil team performance needs

Realistic, uninterrupted player and ball trajectories supplement traditional technical insights

In-depth insights power team performance:

Tracking data synchronizes with event data to provide comprehensive match coverage

Data collection for both teams plus the ball provides a holistic view of the game, helping develop more tactical match strategies

In-game player tracking coupled with off-field training data helps reduce injury by highlighting performance deviations .


Tracking Data

Find out how ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS revolutionary tracking system can provide deeper data for your team.

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